Daniela Rodrigues

PhD Candidate
Email address:
Academic background:
  • Master in Biochemistry, University of Coimbra, Portugal (2012-2014)
  • Degree in Biochemistry, University of Coimbra, Portugal (2009-2013)
Book chapters (contributor):
Veríssimo, LMP; Ribeiro, ACF;  Rodrigues, DFSL; Cabral, AMTDPV; Esteso, MA (2019). Influence of fructose in the diffusion of sodium borate in aqueous solutions at 298.15 K. Pourhashemi, ADeka, SCHaghiAK (Eds.) AAP Research Notes on Chemical Engineering, 1st Edition, Research Methods and Applications in Chemical and Biological Engineering (Part I, Chapter 7). New Jersey, USA: Apple Academic Press, Inc./CRC Press​. ISBN: 978-1-77188-768-7
Ribeiro, ACF; Verissimo, LMP; Ramos, ML; Rodrigues, DFSL; Esteso, MA (2016). Fructose and Its Impact on the Diffusion of Electrolytes in Aqueous Systems. In Haghi, AK; Pogliani, L; Balköse, D; Mukbaniani, OV; Mercader, AG (Eds.) Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Vol. 2, Principles, Methodology, and Evaluation Methods (Part IV, Chapter 4). New Jersey, USA: Apple Academic Press, Inc./CRC Press. ISBN: 978-1-77188-558-4
Célia F. Frias, Carlos M. R. Abreu, Daniela Rodrigues, Joana Marques, Arnaldo Tomas, Arménio C. Serra, Jorge F. J. Coelho. An industrializable solution for flexible pvc without external plasticizers. World congress on chemistry. Rome, Italy. 15-17 November 2018.
Luis M.P. Verissimo, Daniela F.S.L. Rodrigues, Miguel A. Esteso, Victor M.M. Lobo, Ana C. F. Ribeiro. Influence of fructose on the diffusion of sodium tetraborate at 25 °C. XXI Meeting of the Portuguese Electrochemical Society, XVIII Iberian Electrochemistry Meeting. Bragança, Portugal. 14-17 September 2016.