Célia Catarina T. Frias Ferreira

PhD Candidate
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Academic background:
  • Master in Chemistry from University of Coimbra, Portugal (2011)
Research articles:
Célia F. Frias, Arménio C. Serra, A. Ramalho, Jorge F. J. Coelho, Ana C. Fonseca. Preparation of fully biobased epoxy resins from soybean oil based amine hardeners. Industrial Crops and Products. 109 (20179º 434-444.
Célia F. Frias, Ana C. Fonseca, Jorge F. J. Coelho, Arménio C. Serra. Straightforward functionalization of acrylated soybean oil by Michael-addition and Diels-Alder reactions. Industrial Crops and Products 64 (2015) 33-38.