Finished Projects (most relevant)

– Development of stable heterogeneous systems for single electron transfer living radical polymerization methods.
Nanohybrid – Preparation of stimuli-responsive magnetic functionalized hybrid nanoparticles via Self Assembly of the ABCDE type block copolymers for high performance coatings applications.
NaturalBiopur – Development of new viscoelastic polyurethane foams based on natural polyols for high value applications.
BioMas II – Bio Additive Manufacturing & Engineering of Heterogeneous 3D Structures.
Polypulp – Production of paper pulp with high added value using innovative polymeric materials.
Agrofoam – Development of polyurethane biofoams for agriculture.
OralStrips – Development of novel pharmaceutic forms for oral administration of bioactive agents.
BioFil – Production of biodegradable filaments.
NewTreatCork – Development of new high performance coatings for cork stoppers.
GreenUP – Development of new unsaturated polyesters based on renewable raw materials.
Development of new biodegradable capsules for coffee.
Characterization of colophony resins with and without phenolic modification by size exclusion chromatography.