Useful Links

Institutional Links

University of Coimbra (UC):
Chemical Engineering Department of FCTUC (DEQ):
Centre for Mechanical Engineering:
Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT):


Polymer Chemistry Links

Polymer Industry and Derivatives:
The Portuguese Plastic Industry Association:
Polymer Chemistry American Society:
Royal Society of Chemistry – Advancing the Chemical Sciences:
Journals of Polymer and Material Chemistry:
European Project RdCVF:


Data Base Links

Database containing spectral information of organic compounds (NMR and ESR):
NIST Chemistry WebBook – Molecular information (thermodynamic information, FTIR, Mass Spectroscopy, electronic and vibrational levels, etc:
RCSB Protein DataBank (PDB) – Portal database with information of the structure and macromolecules of biological interest:
NMR Spectroscopy Laboratory of the University of Coimbra